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Garry Richard Cutting, M.D.

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Garry Richard Cutting, M.D.
Professor of Pediatric and Medicine
Aetna/U.S. Healthcare Professor of Medical Genetics
Director, Residency and Postdoctoral Training Program in Medical Genetics
Director, DNA Diagnostic Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD 21205


Garry Cutting


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  Cutting GR, Antonarakis SE, Beutow KH, Kasch LM, Rosenstein BJ, Kazazian H Jr.  Analysis of DNA polymorphism haplotypes linked to the Cystic Fibrosis locus in North American Black and Caucasian families support the existence of multiple mutations of the Cystic Fibrosis gene.  Am J Hum Genet (1989), 44:307-318.
  Cutting GR, McGinniss MJ, Kasch LM, Tsipouras P, Antonarakis SE.  Physical mapping by PFGE localizes the COL3A1 and COL5A2 genes to a 35kb region on chromosome 2.  Genomics (1990), 8:407-410.

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  Cutting GR, Kasch LM, Rosenstein BJ, Zielensky J, Tsui L-C, Antonarakis SE, Kazazian H Jr.  A cluster of Cystic Fibrosis mutations in the first nucleotide binding fold domain of the Cystic Fibrosis conductance regulator protein.  Nature (1990), 346:366-369.
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